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Transport your taste buds to Caribbean paradise with Mama Maisa's Pepper Sauce

Powerful Flavor

A unique experience for your palate. Every sauce is an original recipe, crafted to bring you the tantalizing flavor of the Islands.

Irresistible Heat

Heat as bold as the Caribbean sun. A unique blend of scotch bonnet peppers and natural spices like you have never tasted before. You will never be the same after trying Mama Maisa's.


St. John Iguana

Herbaceous and fresh. That's St. John Iguana's claim to fame. When it comes to green sauces, this one gets the gold. Try it and you'll understand why everyone wants to have dinner at Mama's house.


St. Thomas Flame

Heat that isn't just hot. St. Thomas Flame is going to be warm, but never without purpose. Instead of pained tears and a runny nose, you can expect a tangy and sweet flavor profile that will leave you with tears of joy.

Extra Hot

St. Croix Fire

Put St. Croix Fire on your food after you cook, before you cook, or... while you're cooking! The complex flavor of Mama Maisa's Pepper Sauce evolves depending on its use. Marinate, season, sauce and more.


Pepper Sauce Collection

You know you want some of Mama Maisa's Pepper Sauce.

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See what other hot sauce lovers have to say!

"This sauce is amazing; rich in spices; only a few drops needed. Job well done!"

Benjamin A.

Verified Customer

"Mamma Maisa’s pepper sauce is the perfect addition to any dish. It’s so savory and gives that extra spice I crave. This will continuously be a staple in my household!"

Alimata O.

Verified Customer



Instagram Customer

“This hot sauce is so good! I put a little on my plate to taste it first.. I went back for more! It’s tasty and spicy and it has a kinda spicy salsa taste that I love!”


Instagram Customer

“I can’t get enough of this sauce! I put it on everything! It’s also great for seasoning meats, just to add a little “kick” to your flavors”


Instagram Customer

“I get the fiery heat of the West Indies in this delicious sauce!”


Instagram Customer

"My wife, daughter and I love this pepper sauce. There is not a meal that I don't put this pepper sauce on. When I am eating it on my food, I feel like I am back home."


Verified Customer

"This pepper sauce is Amazing! The wife and I had some a lil while ago with pig feet and white rice...Bangin. I will definitely buy some more when I can."


Verified Customer

"This pepper sauce is 'Crack'! Okay, I made some spaghetti last night, I mixed some of it with ketchup. Girl... I was in heaven. Thanks so much."


Verified Customer

"My wife and I had the pepper sauce with our dinner and wow! It's incredible and definitely has a good kick! Oooh this is the one! The curry flavor with the kick is really good. I need some more"


Verified Customer

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